“My son really responded well to her tutoring, he felt at ease to ask anything.” A mother whose son was on our intense Easter revision course.

“Sam was fantastic. He worked with our 15 year son who has dyslexia and ADHD teaching him study skills. Sam was very resourceful, incredibly patient, kind and really engaged our son which is not an easy task. Sam worked with our son to find which methods were successful, considering the Executive Function weaknesses that our son has. I cannot recommend Sam enough!” –  Parent of a year 11 student who needed support with his study skills and creating revision tools.

“My son really responded well to her tutoring, he felt at ease to ask anything.”A mother whose son needed support on his homework. 

“David is the best tutor I have ever had. He has made a huge difference to my life.”One of our students who has regular tuition.

“Leena is Great. She is patient and confident in her teaching. I would highly recommend her.” A mother whose daughter is having support in her GCSEs.

“Bryony showed me focused yet creative ways to approach the syllabus and completely changed my experience of school. I went from a D to an A in a matter of two terms.”A student who needed a bespoke approach to maximise his grades. 

“Sam has unlocked the syllabus for my son in a way that no other has been able to. Thoroughly engaging.” – A parent of a year 10 student needing support in revision skills.

“Zelda was amazing to work with. She was patient and kind and won the trust of my autistic daughter who was able to finish her homework and prepare for the 11 plus.”Parent of a 11 plus student.

“My 15 year old son is finding tutorials with Lynton very helpful while preparing for his GCSEs during this challenging time. He is patient and resourceful.” –  A parent of a year 11 student who worked on active revision techniques in the lead up to GCSEs.

My son really enjoyed his sessions with Amy and she introduced him to a number of strategies he hadn’t been aware of for planning and managing his time as well as for long-term planning.” Parent of a year 12 boy needing organisational support in the lead up to his A levels.

“Science is not my son’s favourite subject and he felt it would be difficult for him to keep up with his GCSE course work. He thinks Camilo is great at explaining things he had missed out on and is finding his online tutoring very helpful.”  Parent of a year 11 student needing support in the lead up to GCSEs.