Michael’s Story

Michael was a highly creative student with some learning differences but who struggled to engage with school and organise his approach to learning. Michael worked with our tutor throughout his secondary education and developed a variety of creative strategies to make the process fun. In his own words

“I really couldn’t have accomplished my 2 A*s and 2 As in my A-Levels without my tutor. From the off, her dynamic, pragmatic and understanding way of tutoring were by far and beyond the most progressive and useful I have ever seen. Shrugging off the shackles of expectation and the restrictions of abiding to the norm, her use of kinetic, auditory and visual learning combined to make the revision process as fun as it could be, removing the dread and anxiety. Thank you so much, I couldn’t recommend anyone more thoroughly.”

Michael went on to study at Kings College Cambridge whilst also being president of and running the world famous Cambridge University Fashion Show. He achieved a 1st class degree in English and now runs his own successful contemporary magazine looking at Urban culture in the UK. I last heard him being interviewed on BBC radio 1Extra.

James’ Story.

James starting tutoring with us after having his confidence severely knocked when he didn’t achieve the results needed to remain at a prestigious secondary school for A Levels. At this point, in the March of Year 12, James thought that effort invested in academic work was pointless and he was predicted U’s for his 2 A Levels.  Through 18 months of online (video conference based) support our tutor bolstered his confidence by building his skills and showing him that he could make progress academically. Our tutor worked with him on / exam technique and helped him develop revision strategies which worked for him. He went from refusing to do any work to working independently, to achieving 4-6 hrs of good quality revision a day in the Easter before his exams. James achieved very respectable A Levels; his teachers reported that his work was so dramatically improved that they barely recognised it as his.

James opted not to attend University, but instead decided to start his own successful personal training business offering online fitness coaching.  He looks back on his time with our tutor fondly and attributes his confidence in starting his own business and his current success to learning that he achieve anything if he put his mind to it.

Feedback From Our Revision Courses