Mock Exams

Mock Exams with a detailed report.

Neuroscience and learning research shows there is a strong positive correlation between the number of mock exams or test papers you attempt and your final grade.

Why are mock exams  one of the most productive ways to improve exam results?

Research shows recognition is a far easier process than recall.  Help students familiarise themselves with the layout and requirements of the exams.

Exposure to an exam environment reduces anxiety. Help young people to acclimatise   to the exam environment and build self-confidence

Poor time management can be one of the leading causes of lower than expected grades. Help students to improve the speed in which they are moving through questions in a practice exam environment

Understanding what you are being asked in an exam is key. Knowing how to translate learned information into a focused answer is one of the most vital elements to achieving exam success.

With this in mind THE CODE have put together a series of Mock Exam days where 13+ and GCSE students can participate in a mock examinations in English and Maths.

At THE CODE we know that no two students are the same and we are passionate about helping students find their best way of learning. After the exam their scripts will be marked by an examiner and returned to them with not only their grade but also a detailed breakdown of what they can do to improve their performance.

This will include:

  • Subject specific feedback – our experts will highlight key areas of content they need to work on
  • Advice on exam technique – rather than a generic list of tips this will be bespoke to what we have noticed each student is struggling with individually
  • Recommendations for a revision plan – this will include any topics to prioritize as well as tips for revision and creating a timetable

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