Meet the tutors


David is a highly experienced and award winning tutor specialising in Maths and Science.  David is a Professor of Science and an expert of University admissions. Last academic year David’s A level physics students achieved A, A, A, A, A and A* respectively.

‘David is the best tutor I have ever had. He has made a huge difference to my life.’


Bryony has over 10 years tuition experience predominantly in English and the Humanities. Bryony has worked to facilitate huge improvements in her students both by weekly sessions and by coordinating home-schooling programmes. Bryony is also a fully trained executive function coach.

‘Bryony showed me focused yet creative ways to approach the syllabus and completely changed my experience of school. I went from a D to an A in a matter of two terms.’



Leena is renowned by our clients for being an empathic tutor who is passionate about giving each child a tailored learning experience. She is able to share specific techniques for exam success due to her excellent academic background and successful entry into medical school.

‘Leena is patient and understanding. I have ADHD and she has found creative ways to keep me engaged and on track’



Alex specialises in Maths and Science. There has been remarkable progress in the students that Alex works with and he has developed a holistic approach with executive function coaches to ensure that challenges are met.

‘Alex has built an exceptional working relationship with my child and is now getting him the grades he is really capable of.’



Tanya is a qualified SEN teacher, staff trainer and study skills tutor with 15 years of experience. She provides high quality one to one support to help students understand and fully utilise their individual learning styles and strengths to develop as effective learners.

‘Tanya was a really good motivator and made me look at revision in a totally different way. I now feel I can achieve the grades I have always wanted.’



Sam is a highly experienced English and Humanities tutor. He is a strong favourite with our clients due to the bond he builds with his students. Sam has spent many years working with those who have learning differences enabling them to unlock the secrets to exam success.

‘Sam has unlocked the syllabus for my son in a way that no other has been able to. Thoroughly engaging’



Zelda is a fully qualified teacher and a previous head of department for English GCSE retakes. Zelda works with children in English, the arts and humanities and is able to give direct advice enabling children to move up several grade boundaries in a short space of time.

‘Zelda is a wonderful tutor. She is kind and compassionate and really understands the struggles that my daughter is going through. Her help has really reduced the stress of completing homework in our house.’

To give you a taste of who will be helping your child progress, what better way to hear a little more about our experts than from the tutor’s themselves…

Alex is one of our most in demand tutors and covers maths, science and common entrance.  Alex has many years of experience and here he explains how he uses the most advanced online methods in order to help his students achieve success.

Omar has over 500 hours experience in tutoring humanities, languages and common entrance. Listen to Omar explain his belief in the importance of tailoring education to the learning style of the student by using a variety of pedagogical techniques.