THE CODE is a tuition agency that demystifies the requirements for success at school and university by approaching the curriculum from your perspective. Our team uses the latest research into how the brain learns to provide a creative approach to learning that makes academic work easier to digest. Our mission is to help you learn YOUR way and reinstall passion in your education.

Meet Our Team

Victoria Bagnall
Victoria is a co-founder and director of THE CODE.Victoria is a qualified teacher and career SEN tutor who has struggled with the challenges of being dyslexic her whole life.  Victoria passionately believes it is the role of educators to help children to realise their potential and ignite a growth mindset outlook on life. In her career as an SEN tutor and more recently as Managing Director of Connections in Mind: Executive Function Coaching UK, Victoria has met scores of young people who are disillusioned by the school system and have lost their interest in learning.  Victoria believes that with the right support these children can be re-engaged in education and can reach their potential academically and personally. She is also believes that there are some key skills, such as writing, exam technique and effective revision which are rarely touched on, if at all in schools. In Victoria’s opinion these competencies hold the key to success in the current academic environment.  She has developed some innovative and easily understandable approaches to demystifying these skills which form the basis of the work we do at THE CODE.

Paula Barrett
Paula is a co-founder and director of THE CODE. She is a specialised career tutor and has worked in the education industry for around 10 years, originally training in Child Psychology and beginning her career in the neuro-developmental clinic at The Royal Free Hospital. Paula has worked in Europe, Asia, the US and the Middle East as both a tutor and an educational consultant. Paula gained a worldwide demand for her skills as she has pioneered creative learning techniques and has worked to make learning fun for even the most disengaged students. Paula believes it is key to combine a child’s creative passions with cutting edge research in educational psychology to promote the optimum learning environment for academic success. She is also a fully trained executive function coach and works with a multidisciplinary team to develop innovative techniques in child learning.

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